7 of the best adult scooters to shop (and their health benefits)

2022-07-16 01:24:06 By : Mr. Jerry Deng

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Our pick of the best adult scooters to buy right now

If, like us, you sometimes find yourself getting bored of your fitness regime, you've probably thought of a 101 different ways to spice things up inside the gym. But - in case you needed a reminder - you can also venture outside for a workout too. Yep, this summer it's time to step away from the treadmill and break up with the StairMaster, 'cause adult scooting is about to be your new workout BFF.

Whilst using a scooter might be something you associate with kids, more and more adults are actually opting to incorporate them into their lifestyles – and not just for commuting to and from the office, but for fitness too. With that in mind, we spoke to Alex Parren, qualified PT and nutritionist at Supplement brand, Nutrimuscle, to find out more about the fitness benefits of using a scooter.

"Adult scooters are definitely a good form of exercise," Alex tells us. "Using a scooter requires stability in the standing leg which means strong glutes and quads, plus strength and power in the leg you use to push. You will also be using your core to stay upright and stabilise as you turn corners."

"As with any type of self-powered transportation (like cycling or rowing), using a scooter will increase your cardiovascular fitness and aerobic capacity," Alex adds.

But, although there are plenty of kick scooter exercise benefits, there are some minor downsides. "The main con of using a scooter for exercise is that it lacks symmetry," the PT points out. "If you always use the same leg to stand and the same leg to push, they won’t get an equal workout. This could lead to muscular imbalances and potentially injuries."

As for how to avoid this, Alex says: "To prevent this, make sure you swap legs at regular intervals – even if it feels awkward to do so. You should find this improves your balance, coordination, and proprioception on both sides of the body. It will also help to improve the strength and power in your less dominant leg."

Now that we know how great a scooter workout can be, here's our pick of the best adult scooters to buy right now, from all-terrain scooters that can handle all your off-road adventures to rose pink dream machines. So, time to get your scoot on... Skrrt skrrt!

If, like us, your flat is erring on the side of small, then you're probably looking for a scooter that won't take up the last remaining hall space you've got. Enter this Decathlon scooter (available at Argos).

• Folding scooter perfect for storing in small homes

Designed for short journeys (aka popping over to your pal's or picking up a Chinese takeaway), this Decathlon scooter comes in either mint green or black.

• Easy-to-use two step folding system

• Front and rear mud guards

• Front suspension and rear wheel shock absorber

• Handlebar breaks (like a bike)

They say the most fashionable people wear all black, so why not match your scooter to your style? We're obsessed with this sleek, chic scooter from Halfords that comes in at a cool (and affordable) £65.

• 4.4 star reviews from users

If you've got a bit more money to spend, and if exercising isn't your total focus, then opt for this folding, electric scooter from Currys.

• App functionality (for travel stats)

• Speeds of up to 25km/h

• 3 speed modes, pedestrian, standard and sport

Live your five-year-old fantasy with this rose pink dream from Micro. Honestly, this scooter sells itself and we'll be adding it straight to our basket.

• The cute colour, duh!

• Large wheels means further and faster journeys

• Replaceable parts = longer scooter life

Able to support up to 15st 10lbs in weight, this sturdy scooter is perfect for anyone looking to zip to and from work – whilst looking cool in the process. It's smart handle brake means it's perfect for anyone new to scooting, who is worried about feeling safe and in control of their ride.

Get into the great outdoors with this 'off road' scooter that'll majorly maximise your next adventure. Designed for all terrains, this scooter can handle dirt, grass, rough ground, trails and more...

• Tyres designed for off-road terrain

• Durable and built to last

• Funky colours including copper, chrome and green