Get the TikTok-viral Amazon foldable treadmill, now on sale

2022-04-02 09:32:01 By : Mr. Ray Zhao

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Small space? Bad weather? Want to stay home?

Now these are no longer an excuse for getting off the couch and getting moving, with this foldable, flat treadmill, currently blowing up on TikTok.

The small-space gym essential is called the WalkingPad Folding Treadmill, sold on Amazon for $450. However, right now you can get the WalkingPad for $30 off with the coupon on the Amazon page.

The coolest feature of the treadmill is just how small it can get. It is only 2.25 inches thick, making it super slim and easy to slip under the couch or bed when not in use. It folds up to be 32 by 21.5 inches and when fully expanded comes out to have a length of 57 inches.

The reason TikTok is so into this device is because of just how easy it is to have in a small space, adding that the whole machine is only 66 pounds and easy to lift and shift around your apartment.

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As seen in the TikTok above, this is a great option for those who work from home and have a smaller space, as she effortlessly moved her chair and rolled the walking pad right under her desk.

As with most items on TikTok, we wanted to be prepared for it to sell out and so we rounded up a few other walking pad options and foldable treadmills below.

This is the WalkingPad that made TikTokers run to Amazon to get one. The treadmill folds up small enough to tuck away behind a door or under the couch, and the 66-pound weight is easy to move around the apartment to find the best place for a stroll.

Another great Amazon option is this 2-in-1 style. It easily converts from a regular treadmill with a handlebar to a flat walking pad, going up to 7.6mph when set to the upright position.

For a colorful take on the trend, check out the Goplus treadmill. Like the above, it also folds up and down to become a treadmill or a walking pad. Even better, the treadmill is now on sale for over $100 off.

Regardless of the weather, get a good walk in on this Sunny Health device. The Walkstation is a simple walking pad that will help you get your steps in from home. It is also an Amazon Choice products, with almost 500 glowing reviews.

If you’re over having a sedentary lifestyle, head to Overstock. This flat walking pad is a great investment for your home gym, and it is now on sale, too. It comes in either red or yellow and weighs just over 50 pounds for easy lifting and moving around to the perfect spot.

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