Gymgoer Stared Down by 'Creepy' Man Eating Snack at Arcade Machine

2022-07-30 00:53:33 By : Ms. Tracy Lv

A video showing a gymgoer being stared down by a "creepy" man eating a snack has gone viral on social media.

The video, posted to TikTok by @yourstrulybriana, has amassed over 2.8 million views and thousands of comments while highlighting a common gym-going experience for many women. You can view it here.

Several studies suggest that many women feel uneasy in public gyms. A study conducted by FitRated, for example, found that roughly 70 percent of women have had an uncomfortable experience at the gym. Those "uncomfortable" experiences included being watched, being followed around and even sexual harassment, among others.

As a result of these experiences, some women have either "altered" their workout routines or stopped going to the gym altogether, FitRated said.

"Of the nearly 76 percent of women who reported being watched by someone at the gym, almost 72 percent changed their routine to make sure it didn't happen again," the company said. Additionally, 82 percent of those who reported being followed around said they also altered their routines, as did nearly 73 percent of those who reported being sexually harassed.

"I couldn't begin to tell you the number of times I have heard from women that these men make them too afraid to go to the gym," personal trainer Emily Wolf previously told Newsweek in a conversation about "leering men."

@yourstrulybriana didn't say whether or not she altered her gym routine as a result of her recent experience; however, many women encouraged her to be safe.

According to her post's caption, the gym @yourstrulybriana attends is located inside a mall, meaning anyone walking in and out of nearby stores or playing at the arcade connected to the gym can look in and watch gymgoers as they work out.

The man watching @yourstrulybriana is sitting at an arcade machine and eating a snack. To make matters worse, many commenters said the man appears to be wearing a wedding ring as well as a McDonald's uniform, which could mean he works at the mall.

"I'm just trying to do my cardio smh! The only bad thing about the gym being connected to a mall," @yourstrulybriana wrote in her post's caption.

In the clip, @yourstrulybriana films herself walking on the treadmill before panning the camera toward the treadmill's screen. She then points the camera at the man watching her, but he doesn't shy away. Instead, he makes eye contact with @yourstrulybriana, leans in and looks her up and down.

To lighten the mood, @yourstrulybriana set the entire video to a T-Pain mashup.

In response to those who thought the video was staged, @yourstrulybriana said: "No, I don't know this man y'all! He was right there for a good 20 minutes. I thought once I pulled my camera out he would turn away. NOPE."

Many viewers thought the video was funny; however, others called it "creepy" and urged @yourstrulybriana to stay safe.

"Call the police," Danielle Nicole said.

"I would've moved," Paloma wrote. "That is so outta pocket he did not have to stare that hard."

"Please be safe mama," Nav_lamabalieva commented.

"Don't go to the parking lot alone, sis," meo advised.

Khai said: "This is so disgusting. Like this makes me angry."

SheyDavir called the experience "so creepy." Meanwhile, imjustasconfused said it was "terrifying."

Newsweek has reached out to @yourstrulybriana for comment

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