Prefabricated tiny home pops up in 60 minutes for under $40K

2022-12-03 22:09:52 By : Ms. Daisy Huang

Los Angeles-based tiny house company Vika Living has recently revealed its compact Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) that pops up within an hour. Dubbed Vika One, it's named after the Swedish word for fold (vika) and is designed to do exactly that. Made with structurally insulated panels (SIP), the tiny home is fully prefabricated (wiring and plumbing included) and delivered flat-packed on-site, to simply unfold into position.

“We recognize that today’s permanent construction solutions cannot solve for all of our complex housing needs,” said Vika Living co-founders Scott Kevern and Jeff Howard. “We’re focused on providing a flexible and economical housing alternative, without commitment to decades-long time frames or permanent structures... Vika One units unfold to set up in one hour each. No foundations or heavy equipment needed.” Building Steel Frame Structure

Prefabricated tiny home pops up in 60 minutes for under $40K

The 144-sq-ft (13.4-sq-m) floor plan comprises an open-plan shared bedroom, living, dining, kitchen area, and a hidden compact bathroom. The tiny home boasts 8.5-ft (2.6-m)-high ceilings, a floor-to-ceiling feature glass wall, a 42-sq-ft (3.9-sq-m) outdoor terrace, and comes complete with furnishings and fixtures such as double bed, table, chairs, kitchen, heating/cooling system, shower, toilet, storage units, and all hookups for water, power, and sewage.

Buyers also have the option of purchasing an off-grid model, which comes complete with rooftop solar panels and batteries, water collection and off-grid waste systems, which can all be adjusted according to site needs.

Apart from being a good fit for a home office, glamping sites, eco-retreats or backyard housing, since it can simply unfold on site and its delivery/installation costs are greatly reduced, the Vika One is also designed to provide shelter during an emergency situation. “We hope to work with cities and NGOs across the US (and later internationally) for emergency shelter, disaster response, and transitional housing applications,” Howard explained to New Atlas.

“The need for a fast and flexible housing alternative is more pronounced now than ever before,” said the co-founders. “While there’s a push in many cities to increase the supply of affordable and permanent housing, traditional housing construction methods cannot keep up with demand. We're on a mission to provide a fleet of semi-permanent housing units to alleviate this $30-billion/year burden and house the hundreds of thousands of people in need while permanent construction plays catch-up.”

Prefabricated tiny home pops up in 60 minutes for under $40K

Carbon Structural Steel The Vika One is currently available for pre-order in the United States, with delivery in early 2023. The standard model is priced at US$38,000, while the off-grid version comes in at $45,000. Average shipping and set up fees range from $1,000 to $3,500 per unit. Vika Living also hopes to start delivering internationally to select countries by the end of 2023.